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Electronic Bill Pay - Consumer

Extending the services offered under the Remittance Processing Method, the Bill Payment Front End Method offers credit unions an electronic bill payment system that allows members to submit payments via the internet. This method is designed for credit unions currently offering a home banking system without bill payment capabilities, or those seeking a stand-alone electronic bill payment interface. The Corporate’s role is to work behind the scenes handling back-end processing of payments requested.

MY CU Services’ “Front End” can be branded to suit your credit union. This allows MY CU Services to process requested payments “behind the scenes,” so that the bill payment system you offer to your members is uniquely yours. In addition, the system is front end independent. This means it can easily be integrated with Single Sign On products offered by any home banking provider, or it can function as a stand-alone product.

Processing and Settlement

Your members use the system by signing on and scheduling payments online. MY CU Services will generate a file of bills the next morning to be paid in an ACH format and will either transmit the file to your credit union or make it available for you to download. Once you have verified the funds, payments are sent to the merchants, and your credit union’s designated settlement account is debited. This settlement account can be held at the financial institution of your choice.

The Difference

While service is key to our success, our uniqueness lies in the fact that we are a credit union system solution for EBP. As a corporate credit union CUSO, we are a member owned institution, dedicated to providing the services credit unions need at a price they can afford.


“Hey Alexa, pay my credit card bill!” With our newest EBP feature, QuickPay, your members can pay bills securely, review payment history and check scheduled payments with simple voice commands through any Amazon Alexa-enabled device. The device must have the Alexa app installed and an Amazon account attached.

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P2P Payments

P2P payments allow your members to transfer funds from their account straight to another person's account. There are no checks, no exchanging of cash - just a quick online transfer from one individual to another. It's incredibly convenient and members love it!

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Gift & Donation Checks

Send checks as gifts for special occasions or donations to your favorite charities through the EBP system! It's a convenient way to give the gift of money without having to write and mail a check.

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If your credit union is interested in more information on MY CU Services’ electronic bill payment program, please click here to view our product demos or contact our sales team at (888) 985-7280 or