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Card Services

Who knew a little piece of plastic would someday rule the world? Well today is that day, and we as human beings are connected to our credit and debit cards. As a credit union, you not only offer use of these cards to your members, but now you can also improve your own card offerings. Whether you have a merchant member looking to expand their business through card services, or you want to expand your ATM network or existing debit card program, MY CU Services has everything you need.

  • Debit Card and ATM Services
    In today’s marketplace, a customized, full-service ATM and debit card program is critical to the success of your credit union. Your members want to know that their ATM or debit card is going to work wherever they are. Your credit union can provide that confidence through the partnership MY CU Services has with Elan Financial Services, a leading ATM and debit card processor.
  • Merchant Services
    As a credit union, you understand what it's like to run a business. That, sometimes, things get costly. What if there were a way to help your members who run businesses save on those costly items? With MY CU Services' Merchant Services Referral Program, you can.


For more information about MY CU Services’ card services, please contact the sales team at (888) 985-7280 or