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Core Processing

MY CU Services offers a robust core processing system with a large array of services to accommodate your credit union’s growing and changing needs. We understand a credit union's data processing requirements and respond to requests promptly.

MY CU Services is with you every step of the way. We can even tailor our system to your tastes for a perfect fit!

All of our software has been developed in-house, with the knowledge and expertise that comes with serving credit unions for many years. And while other processors may offer comparable systems, we believe that the attention we give our customers is what sets us apart. We’ll give your organization the service it deserves.

  • Homebanking
  • e-statements
  • Mobile banking
  • AIRES, FIDM, PA decedent file processing
  • Online debit card processing
  • Integrated fixed asset, prepaid and investment subsidiaries
  • Report archiving
  • BSA Compliance reports (CTR, Velocity of Funds, High Risk Account Monitoring)
  • Integrated money order, check and starter check printing
  • Disaster recovery “warm” site
  • Photo ID scanning
  • “Red flag” reports
  • CUNA Mutual LaserLiner support IAT ACH ready
  • Integrated with our official check, money order and electronic bill payment services

For more information on Core Processing, contact our sales team at (888) 985-7280 or