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AFS Fraud Services

Manual fraud detection of your image capture items is a thing of the past. MY CU Services has partnered with Advanced Fraud Solutions (AFS) to offer batch detection services to credit unions that utilize our image capture solutions.

Through our AFS Fraud Services, your credit union will have access to a database of potentially fraudulent items. Your items will be scanned against the database to provide alerts of possible duplicate and fraudulent items.

The AFS database is comprised of counterfeit, non-suffcient fund, closed account, duplicate and fraud data collected from financial institutions, vendors and core processors.

TrueChecks Solutions

We have several different options to best serve your credit union and provide fraud detection based on the image capture products you offer.

TrueChecks Frontline
This service allows credit union staff to use a portal to submit an inquiry on any item they deem suspicious.

Tier 1 Account Status with Early Warning Deposit Check
This is an add-on to Frontline, where inquires are scanned against the AFS database, as well as a secondary database through fraud company Early Warning.

TrueChecks Batch
MY CU Services provides copies of captured item files to AFS to scan against the AFS database. AFS generates reports of the results that the credit union can review in their AFS portal.

TrueChecks Batch with Early Warning
MY CU Services provides copies of captured item files to AFS to scan against the AFS and Early warning databases. A report of the results is then made available in the credit union’s AFS portal.

Bluepoint Teller Capture Integration
This is a real-time integration between MY CU Services’ Bluepoint teller capture platform and the AFS fraud database. If an item is flagged within the AFS database, the teller can choose to accept or reject the item or opt to place an extended hold.

Cross-Channel Fraud Integration
This is a real-time integration for all of MY CU Services’ Bluepoint capture platforms, including branch/teller, ATM/ITM, merchant and mobile. If an item is flagged, the branch/teller capture solution will notify the teller, while items submitted via the ATM/ITM, merchant and mobile capture platforms are automatically sent into a review queue for evaluation.


  • Capture an average of 60-70% of fraudulent deposits
  • Receive Reg-CC recommendations on how to handle suspicious items
  • Scanning process transparent to account holders
  • Reliable database with 10+ years’ worth of historical data
  • Support via email and phone, continuous training and periodic updates
  • Ease of use and integration options

If your credit union is interested in more information, please contact our sales team at (888) 985-7280 or