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Remote Branch Capture

A Remote Branch Capture (RBC) and Deposit product offers credit unions a cost-effective and efficient way to comprehensively capture check images, and send those images electronically to complete the entire process as envisioned by Check 21.

An RBC product solution provides an efficient means of imaging, archiving and electronic check presentment, which streamlines back office procedures and eliminates the need to microfilm or copy items. Credit unions will also benefit from faster availability of funds and expanded branch cut-off times.

MY CU Services will provide forward collection of captured images. These items are sorted and forwarded on behalf of the credit union, utilizing our least cost routing technology.

How it Works?

Instead of encoding deposited checks or taking them to a third party encoder; a credit union simply needs to scan the checks deposited during the day. This can be done at the back counter or at the teller window. With an RBC product, a credit union will scan their transit items to create a Check 21 compliant image file for processing.

Images are then forwarded to MY CU Services through a secure Internet connection, either in batches or individually as scanned. This can be done multiple times throughout the business day.

MY CU will handle the forward collection process of these imaged items. All work received by MY CU’s established cutoff time will be credited to the credit union’s settlement account the next business morning. Funds will be 100% available at that time.

The credit union will truncate the original paper items for a period of their choosing. MY CU recommends that length of time to be no less than 180 days, however, there is no regulatory minimum truncation period.

Any returned deposit items will route back to MY CU, since we will be acting as the Bank of First Deposit. The credit union will be notified of their returns on the same business day that MY CU receives them.


  • Availability
    Expanded cut-off times mean deposits received by MY CU’s established cut-off time will be 100% available the next day.
  • Return Times
    Quicker return times as a result of electronic presentments will increase the benefits of check holds, limiting potential losses for the credit union.
  • Efficiency
    An RBC solution increases credit union deposit efficiency. Paperless deposits speed the transfer of funds to your settlement account.
  • Cost Savings
    Eliminate or reduce courier runs and the cost associated with these services.

Looking for even more convenience?

Check out our Remote Teller Capture product.

Need a specific product for your business members?

Our Remote Merchant Capture program is designed specifically for business members.

If your credit union is interested in more information, please contact our sales team at (888) 985-7280 or