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Products & Services

MY CU Services offers a variety of competitive products and services to help credit unions stay competitive in the crowded financial industry.

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  • Automated Clearing House - ACH
    MY CU Services’ Automated Clearing House (ACH) services are designed to assist credit union with the rising demand for electronic funds transfers.
  • AFS Fraud Services
    Manual fraud detection of your image capture items is a thing of the past. MY CU Services has partnered with Advanced Fraud Solutions (AFS) to offer batch detection services to credit unions that utilize our image capture solutions.
  • Cash Services
    MY CU Services allows credit unions to order cash from various vault locations across the country, make coin and currency deposits and order special U.S. mint coins.
  • Consulting
    At MY CU Services, we use a cooperative consulting model and serve as a resource that provides realistic, substantive solutions for your credit union's needs. We are committed to helping credit unions succeed.
  • Core Processing
    MY CU Services’ offers a robust core processing system with a large array of services to accommodate your credit union’s growing and changing needs. We understand a credit union's data processing requirements and respond to requests promptly.
  • Electronic Bill Payment
    When it comes to electronic bill payment (EBP), some may think that all programs are the same, regardless of the provider. This is not true! MY CU Services provides credit unions with the traditional ease of paying bills online…PLUS so much more.
  • E-Statements
    Through MY CU Services’ E-Statements platform you can create member statements/notices and tax notices that are unique and cost-effective. It’ll not only transform the way your members your view your credit union, but it’ll also change how you do business.
  • International Services
    MY CU Services offers foreign collections, international western unions and international wires to help your credit union’s members extend beyond the United States.
  • Lockbox Services
    Our Lockbox services provide online payment processing through a secure and automated system. Join the digital movement with MY CU Services’ Lockbox services, and take the hassle out of your payment processing!
  • Managed IT Services
    In the financial world, technology is a must-have for day-to-day operations. But technology isn't without its issues. Software and hardware become quickly outdated, information can be lost or stolen and systems can crash. If your credit union isn't equipped with the necessary resources to keep your information technology functions running smoothly, our IT Services can help.
  • Mobile Services
    We live in a mobile society where consumers expect instant, secure access to their financial accounts. It’s time to expand your mobile portfolio of products and services and empower your members with the convenient mobile services they expect.
  • Remote Image Capture
    MY CU Services’ Remote Image Capture programs allow your credit union to send your share draft deposits to MY CU as an electronic file for processing. MY CU offers Remote Branch Capture, Remote Teller Capture, Remote Merchant Capture and ATM Capture.
  • Official Checks
    Whether your credit union wants to be fully involved in the day-to-day back office work for official checks or you prefer us to take the reins, MY CU Services offers two, different, official check programs - Corporate Share Drafts and Positive Pay.
  • Website Design & Hosting
    When it comes to designing and hosting your website, you want a company that understands credit unions. MY CU Services, along with Vizo Financial, has all of your hosting needs covered.
  • Wires
    Wire transfers move funds between institutions. Credit unions can wire funds to, and from, a financial institution for deposit in your MY CU Services’ settlement account or at the institution of your choice.
  • Workplace Essentials
    MY CU Services uses the cooperative model to develop programs where credit unions can combine their resources to bring lower pricing for all. Also known as a “group buy,” these programs give credit unions access to wholesale pricing. Our workplace essentials solution is cooperative purchase program.