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Official Checks

Whether your credit union wants to be fully involved in the day-to-day back office work for official checks or you prefer us to take the reins, MY CU Services offers two, different, official check programs:

  • Corporate Share Drafts
    MY CU Services’ Corporate Share Draft program processes drafts on the credit union’s routing and transit number, meaning the credit union is responsible for reconciling your settlement account, liability for loss incurred as the result of fraudulent items, encoding errors, etc.
  • Positive Pay
    The Positive Pay program processes drafts on its own routing and transit number, meaning MY CU Services reconciles the Positive Pay account for the credit union. A reconciled statement detailing issued, paid, outstanding and stop pay items is provided to the credit union on a monthly basis.

If your credit union is interested in more information, please contact our sales team at (888) 985-7280 or