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MY CU Services is always looking to expand the ways we can help credit unions succeed. View the latest issue of our quarterly E-Newsletter below or take a look at our newsletter archives to find out what we’ve been up to.

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April 2018

In this issue:

CEO Message

A Message from MY CU Services' president/CEO, Drew Kishbaugh

Snow storms? Days upon days of rain? I guess spring is coming in like a lion this year! Come to think of it, that’s the approach MY CU Services is taking in the second quarter – bold, fierce and strong! There are a lot of big things happening over the next few months, and we’re definitely up for the challenge.

Now that the new domestic wire system has been launched, we’re moving right ahead to the next phase of the payments platform – ACH. Throughout the second quarter, we will be actively working to finalize the ACH receipts component. This will impact clients affiliated with our Middletown campus.

As we did with the wire system, we will be hosting live webinars leading up to the implementation of the ACH system. These webinars will show an active demonstration of the system and give attendees the chance to ask questions. We’ll also be providing additional resources, including a how-to guide and recorded webinars.

If you want to receive communications regarding the new ACH receipts system (emails will include links to guides and webinars), feel free to subscribe to the MY CU Services ACH Files & Returns Service Announcements - Middletown notification list. Click here to subscribe!

In our previous newsletter, we announced our plans for a MY CU Services Road Tour. The Road Tour will consist of four events at different locations. We hope you’ll consider joining us for food, drinks, cash prizes and a chance to learn more about what we do. Look for more details to come!

Finally, we’ll be focusing on helping credit unions employ IT disaster recovery tools. We’re even offering a BIG promotion that could save you big bucks on a backup device. Get more details in the Product Spotlight article below.

The second quarter is certainly going to be high-energy for MY CU Services. Come along for the wild ride!

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Product Spotlight: IT Backup & Business Continuity

Product Spotlight

It has many names – your “plan B,” your “just in case.” No matter what you call it, your credit union’s data needs to have a backup.

If you experience a system outage or accidentally delete a file, how else will you be able to access your data? And without your data, how will you be able to serve your members? The long and the short of it is that having a backup is absolutely essential to your IT operations.

As part of MY CU Services’ managed IT services, we provide a robust backup and business continuity solution. We’ve partnered with Datto, a cloud solutions provider, to offer recovery technology through an image-based hybrid cloud model that comes in a single device.

Not only that, but the Datto SIRIS 3 appliance will temporarily act as your virtual server. Even if the appliance is destroyed or inaccessible, the Datto cloud can host a virtual server using your server’s data until your production server is back in place. That means we’ll keep your organization operational, even during a system crash or unexpected outage.

Limited-Time Offer

If your credit union is looking for a reliable backup and business continuity solution, MY CU Services has what you need. And now you can get it at a HUGE discount!

Through the end of June 2018, get $1,000 off installation of the Datto SIRIS 3 device. That’s a savings of more than 50% off the original installation price!

In order to receive the promotion, credit unions must sign a contract by June 30, 2018.

Are you ready to take your “plan B” to a new level? Then let MY CU Services help you implement a true backup.

For more information on our backup and business continuity services, or any of our managed IT services, please contact

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Ask Joe

Chronic Complainer

Dear Joe,

I have an employee who complains non-stop. He finds issue with everything, from his salary to his coworkers. I’ve tried one-on-one discussions, support and encouragement techniques and even reaching out to fellow managers for help, but nothing seems to please him. I’m running out of ideas and patience with this situation. What can I do?

-Chronic Complainer

Dear Chronic Complainer,

It sounds like you’ve done a lot to address this issue with your team member, so I can understand your frustration. When it comes to people who are unhappy at work, they usually come in one of two groups – those who want to become more engaged and are looking for a reason to change, and those who see work as an unpleasant chore. If it’s the latter, nothing you can do will change that outlook. It sounds like you believe you’ve got a person in the second group. That said, let’s look at a couple of possible approaches.

The first option is to ask yourself this question – are most of the complaints he is raising legitimate issues? There’s a difference between complaining and raising legitimate issues, but perhaps you are seeing them as one in the same. If so, this only amplifies the perceived negativity. Sometimes when a person is good at spotting problems, they can take it too far and start to see everything as a problem. Coaching specifically designed to create self-awareness around this overuse of a natural gift can be useful. Additionally, many people who are good at spotting problems can also be good at offering solutions. When this employee raises a legitimate issue, ask him this question – what would be your best solution to that problem? This question can turn the conversation into a more productive one.

On the other hand, if you believe he isn’t raising legitimate issues but is complaining about minor things, set the expectation that this must stop. Cite specific examples and the impact his complaining is having on performance. Set frequent follow up meetings to monitor progress and provide feedback. When a complaint pops up, address it with him immediately. When there are no complaints, recognize that behavior to reinforce it. Once you set the expectation, there needs to be a clear consequence if the complaining continues.

One thing is certain. If you do not resolve the issue, the rest of the team may call into question your leadership and that isn’t a situation you want to find yourself in.

Good Luck...
- Joe B.

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IT Incident Response Webinar Coming in June

Data is critical. After all, you can’t perform transactions without account numbers, names, etc. If something were to happen to your data, how would you handle it? Would your first reaction be “what do I do now”? Or do you have data recovery plan?

On June 14, 2018, MY CU Services’ VP of IT will be hosting a webinar on IT incident response. See the details below!

Data Recovery and IT Incident Response: Prepare. Plan. Protect.
D. Mark Robinson, VP, IT - MY CU Services
June 14 - 10:00 a.m. ET

An IT incident response plan is an organized approach to a variety of events that limits damage and reduces recovery time and costs. Every credit union hopes to never need it, but if you do, it’s critical that it encompasses all the vital steps for your credit union’s response to go smoothly and seamlessly.

Join us as we explore one of the necessary components of IT incident response, data backup and recovery, and provide insight into this essential process.

This session will cover:

  • • Data backup and recovery steps for successful incident response
  • • Establishing guidelines for personnel and equipment
  • • Sign up for eBills.
  • • Data recovery incident response lifecycle
  • • Health of your IT infrastructure and Backups

This webinar is designed for staff that are responsible for IT incident response at your credit union or anyone wishing to learn more about the best practices for a credit union’s IT incident response process.

Why should you attend?

  • • Pay nothing
  • • Earn CPE credits
  • • Get helpful tips to boost your IT disaster recovery position


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