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    MY CU Services is always looking to expand the ways we can help credit unions succeed. View the latest issue of our quarterly E-Newsletter below or take a look at our newsletter archives to find out what we’ve been up to.

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    October 2017

    In this issue:

    CEO Message

    A Message from MY CU Services' president/CEO, Drew Kishbaugh

    Ah, fall. The time of year when my favorite color is everywhere you look. Yes, I have quite a fondness for orange. It’s also the time of year when projects and events start to pick up again, as everyone is back from vacations and ready to head into the holiday season (yes, already!).

    In the fourth quarter, MY CU Services’ experts will be taking part in several educational forums for credit unions. Jeanne Heath, our learning and engagement champion, will be hosting a webinar on October 4, 2017, called “The New Face of Mentoring.” Then, one of our implementation coordinators and AAP, Heather Spencer, will be hosting the “ACH Fundamentals: Under the Microscope” webinar on October 24 and November 2, 2017.

    We’ve also asked our electronic bill payment partner, iPay, to host a webinar on mobile services. They graciously accepted and will be presenting the “Importance of Mobile in Today’s Financial World” webinar on November 9, 2017.

    Also in October, Jeanne and I will be heading to Hershey, Pa., and Concord, N.C., to speak at Vizo Financial’s Payment Systems Conference. I’ll be discussing the future of payments, while Jeanne will talk about managing employees in the deadline-heavy field of payments processing. You can read more about the conference in the article below!

    All of these webinars and events can be found on Vizo Financial’s website, There, you can learn more about these events and get registered.

    In addition to the education, MY CU Services will also be working on implementing a new wire application throughout the fourth quarter. More details about this project will be available as we get closer to the launch.

    Well, enjoy the beautiful shades of orange that the season offers - I know I will. I look forward to seeing you in…I can’t believe I’m saying this…2018!

    Product Spotlight: International Services

    Product Spotlight

    In 2016 alone, nearly 67 million Americans traveled abroad. Some probably traveled for vacation, while others may have conducted business in foreign countries. Whether for business or pleasure, international finance is an absolute necessity for credit unions.

    Think of your members’ travel needs. They’ll probably need foreign currency to make purchases throughout their destination. And their business needs? Maybe one of your merchant members needs to wire funds to a satellite office in another country.

    No matter the situation, MY CU Services offers the following international services for credit unions.

    Foreign Card and Currency Services
    MY CU Services partners with Travelex to provide credit unions with an online currency system that includes instant web access for the teller-line user. This allows your tellers to process foreign currency orders in less than 90 seconds!

    Members can choose to receive traditional cash or load the currency on a prepaid card for their travels.

    As an added bonus, your credit union will earn a one percent revenue share on all foreign currency sales or purchases and multi-currency cash passport MasterCard sales.

    Foreign Collections
    Give banks a run for their money - literally - when you offer foreign collection services through MY CU Services. This program allows your members to deposit foreign checks with your credit union, instead of going to a bank.

    The process is easy - just mail the check to MY CU Services and we’ll credit your settlement account!

    International Wires
    Transferring money across international borders is easier than ever with MY CU Services’ international wires system. It’s all online, so your credit union can send funds (in U.S. dollars or in foreign currency) from initiation through approval…all in one place!

    La finance. Finanza. Financiar. Finance isn’t just national…it’s international! And MY CU Services has the international services to put your credit union, well, on the map!

    For more information on MY CU Services’ international services, please contact our sales team at

    Ask Joe

    Finger Pointing

    Dear Joe,

    It was brought to my attention that some sensitive information about an employee may have been leaked. Through our investigation of the incident, we’ve determined that we have a bit of a “he said, she said” problem. Stories aren’t adding up and fingers are being pointed among employees. It’s really getting out of hand, as employees no longer trust one another and our teamwork is suffering. What should I do?

    -Finger Pointing

    Dear Finger Pointing,

    This situation is difficult and has the potential to get a lot worse. The first order of business is to restore trust and then attempt to unify the team. If the investigation revealed no wrongdoing, it might be helpful to meet individually with each employee to relay that information. Misunderstandings happen all of the time among people and since no one was terminated as an outcome of the investigation, I assume that is what we have here. During these one-on-one discussions, ask people what it will take for them to be trusting of their colleagues. As you collect this information from each person, ask if they would be willing to share their answer with their teammates and encourage them to do so. Additionally, set the expectation as the leader that the best way to be trusted by others is to be trustworthy. In this case, that means not gossiping about others and working in the best interest of your colleagues by putting their needs equal to or above your own.

    Once you have met with each person individually, hold a team meeting to specifically address the issue. Ask people to share their needs in order to regain trust. You should share yours as well. Ask each team member to honor the request of his or her colleagues and try to meet those needs. Reiterate the importance for all of you to put this issue behind you and work toward coming together.

    This series of meetings can be cathartic and begin the healing process. As you go forward, be sensitive to everyone’s concerns and needs and do your best to facilitate a sense of unity. Look for opportunities to have people work closely together on projects. Have team breakfasts or lunches on occasion to get people together socially.

    The reality is that this will likely be a long, hard climb which will require significant leadership to guide it to the right conclusion, while still pleasantly serving the members. Your effectiveness as a leader will be tested so make the leadership function of your role priority one.

    Good Luck...
    - Joe B.

    MY CU Services’ to speak at Vizo Financial’s Payment Systems Conference!

    Payments are the backbone of any credit union. We’re financial institutions - payments are what we do! That’s why we’re SUPER excited to have two of our staff speaking at Vizo Financial’s Payment Systems Conference!

    MY CU Services’ CEO, Drew Kishbaugh, will close out each leg of the conference with a session on the “Future of Payments.” The presentation will go over the types of payment services available now, and what credit unions might expect to see in the coming years. Drew will also discuss how payments will evolve to meet the needs of the next generation of consumers - the technology-driven Gen Y.

    Learning and engagement champion, Jeanne Heath, will be taking center stage as well for her presentation on “Managing Against the Clock.” In the world of payments, employees live by processing deadlines. But what does that high-intensity environment do to their engagement and morale? These are all things Jeanne will cover in her session!

    Want to see Drew and Jeanne speak at the Payment Systems Conference? The event will be held in Hershey, Pa., on October 17-18, 2017, and in Concord, N.C., on October 25-26, 2017. They’ll be at both locations, so choose whichever date and city is most convenient for you!

    The entire speaker lineup, as well as the conference agenda, costs, hotel accommodations and CPE information are all available on the Payment Systems Conference website. Click here for more information AND to register!!