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Remote Image Capture

MY CU Services’ Remote Image Capture program allows your credit union to send your share draft deposits to MY CU as an electronic file for processing.  MY CU has three remote image capture programs available:

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  • Remote Branch Capture
    A Remote Branch Capture (RBC) and Deposit product offers credit unions a cost-effective and efficient way to comprehensively capture check images, and send those images electronically to complete the entire process as envisioned by Check 21.
  • Remote Teller Capture
    Similar to Remote Branch Capture, Remote Teller Capture takes convenience a step further. Instead of scanning several batches throughout the day or waiting to scan all checks at the end of the day, Remote Teller Capture allows your Teller to scan the check as it’s presented.
  • Remote Merchant Capture
    Businesses have many options when it comes to financial services. To stand out from the crowd, consider adding a product that provides convenience. And there is nothing more convenient for a business than depositing checks without having to visit a local branch.

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