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Bill Payment Resources

Not only does MY CU Services’ electronic bill pay solution offer credit unions a robust system for handling consumer and business member payment needs, it also comes with a full spectrum of resources to boot. That’s less work for you and more ways to promote, all in one! Take a look at all the resources we have available!

Resource Center

The bill pay Resource Center is stocked full of items your credit union can use for marketing and communication materials to get your members to enroll in online bill payment and keep them using your service. And it’s easy to get started!

With print materials for your branch, online resources for your website and email communications, you’ll have access to tons of already made resources. You’ll also find trends and reports with valuable industry information on how today’s institutions are maximizing their online bill payment services.

Ready to get started? Visit the Resource Center and enter your Institution ID!

Marketing Materials – Promo Videos

MY CU Services has created a series of video commercials to help your credit union promote some of the most popular payment features of the bill payment system to your members. But it gets better! Each commercial will be branded with your credit union’s logo at the end of the video and can be embedded into your website.

The three videos available to your credit union include spotlights on Person-to-person (P2P) payments, gift checks and donation checks. To see the three video commercials, please visit

These videos could run upwards of $10,000 per video. But due to the purchasing power that comes with cooperation, these videos are available exclusively to MY CU Services' clients for $100 each or $250 for all three.

Contact Us!
Please contact MY CU Services' marketing team by emailing if your credit union is interested in purchasing these bill payment commercials.


Want to see OneClick and Biz 2.0 in action? Check out our demos! There are interactive demos for both solutions, so you can experience the systems as your members will be seeing them. You can also view the guided demos to walk through the systems step by step. Click the links below to get started with the demos now.

OneClick Consumer EBP Interactive Demo

OneClick Consumer EBP Guided Demo

Biz 2.0 Business EBP Interactive Demo

Biz 2.0 Business EBP Guided Demo

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