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Money Orders

MY CU Services’ Money Order program is handled just like any other money order. The credit union’s Tellers issue money orders to their members, and the money orders are processed through your settlement account. Credit unions remit money order transactions daily to MY CU.

MY CU’s fees are low enough to accommodate even the smallest issuers. Credit unions don’t have to worry that a high monthly minimum charge will price you out of the market. You are assured of good value, whether you issue one or 100 money orders each month.

How Does it Work?

Your member can purchase a money order directly from your credit union at a price determined by your credit union. Money order issues are submitted to MY CU by 11:00 a.m. the next day. Issues must be submitted even when no money orders are sold.

Each day, MY CU debits the credit union’s settlement account for the previous day’s total.

Note: money orders should not exceed $1,000.00.


  • MY CU guarantees funds for money orders.
  • We supply the money order stock.
  • A reconciled statement of money order activity is supplied on a monthly basis.
  • Automated issues with no monthly minimum.
  • No long-term contract.
  • Low per item charges.

If your credit union is interested in more information, please contact our sales team at (888) 985-7280 or