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Electronic Bill Pay

When it comes to electronic bill payment (EBP), some may think that all programs are the same, regardless of the provider. This is not true! MY CU Services provides credit unions with the traditional ease of paying bills online…PLUS so much more.

  • Consumer
    Extending the services offered under the Remittance Processing Method, the Bill Payment Front End Method offers credit unions an electronic bill payment system that allows members to submit payments via the internet. This method is designed for credit unions currently offering a home banking system without bill payment capabilities, or those seeking a stand-alone electronic bill payment interface. MY CU’s role is to work behind the scenes handling back-end processing of payments requested.
  • Biz 2.0
    To capture the business market, credit unions must not treat businesses like ordinary members. Business members require products that fit their specific needs.
  • Demos
    For Consumer and Business product demos.
  • Marketing Materials
    MY CU Services has marketing materials available for your credit union to assist you in the implementation process.
  • Mobile
    Mobile integration with MY CU Services’ consumer bill payment allows users to submit payments for existing payees, schedule future payments, review payment history, edit pending payments, and more from their mobile devices.
  • Resource Center
    This is your source for all the marketing and communication materials your credit union needs to help get your members to enroll in online bill payment and keep them using your service.

If your credit union is interested in more information, please contact our sales team at (888) 985-7280 or